Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Thank you, Susan!

Kirala. Yum.

I woke up to a really wonderful e-mail (thank you), and right now I don't have a headache. Going to breakfast, Magic Hands, chapel, and my pre-op appt. Anything I don't know before 2 p.m, I hope to find out then.

In between, I'm going to try to work on papers.

In a better frame of mind today. Must be the clothesline. :-)


susan s. said...

Only too happy to be of service!

Jane R said...

Kirala!!!!!!!!! That is the BEST sushi place in town. {drools nostalgically from 3,000 miles away}

Kirstin said...

Susan, that was really, really fun. Thank you!

(And I think the plum wine gave the Ambien just what it needed.)

Jane, when are you out here again? Let's go.

Anonymous said...

Kristin--ok --you are in my prayers all night and all day tomorrow--
blessings, -margaret