Saturday, May 31, 2008

Max and L. update

Max just called to tell me that L is being discharged from the hospital, as we speak.

The good news: She's feeling better.

The doctors still don't know what's been making her sick. With her history, that's important. They're going to rest up at L's mom's house until L is well enough to travel (she has residual effects from earlier neurosurgeries), and then come back home to the Bay Area. Then they'll reconnect with her infectious-disease specialist here.

Max thanks everyone for your prayers; she says it's the most important and effective thing we could have done.

I thank you, also.


Paul said...

Very glad to hear this. Forward hugs to M&L.

"zurbsksh" is my verification word. I am not certain but that must have been in my vocabulary exercises for Russian, don't you think? (Keep silliness alive!)

Jane R said...

Please give Max my best. I know her from my time in Berkeley. Glad L. is all right.

Kirstin said...

Hugs and greetings forwarded. Thank you!

Viva silliness!