Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“Mixed News” Music Mix

Walela, “Amazing Grace”
Sung in Cherokee. Beautiful. (Thank you, Paul.)

Ry Cooder, “Jesus on the Mainline”
“If you’re sick and you want to get well, tell him what you want…”

The String Dusters, “Fishers of Men”
“Rise and follow me…” Bluegrass gospel. Bouncy. You take your resurrection where you find it.

Rosanne Cash, “How to Be Strong”
“Being you, is how to be strong…”

Eric Bibb, “Just Keep Goin’ On”
“Take every knock as a boost, every stumbling block as a stepping stone…”

Carrie Newcomer, “The Gathering of Spirits”
“Life’s a twinkling, that’s for certain—but it’s such a fine thing.”

Cat Stevens, “On the Road to Find Out”
Hey, if you have to be on a learning adventure, might as well use it.

Indigo Girls, “I Don’t Wanna Know”
“Now I’m living honestly, ‘cause I said goodbyyyyyyyyyyyeee” (singing to the fear of affected lymph nodes)

Stephen Johns, “O Healing River”
I think it’s originally a Weavers tune. I like it.

Circle of Women, “Earth My Body”
“Earth, my body; water, my blood; air, my breath, and fire, my spirit.”


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you still singing. You are strong beyond belief.

As to your previous post--good news about the lymph nodes--and the statistics are always hard to bear. Keep working at it. (I had a 5 year survival average--and I'm now at year 11 and still working on this "living" thing!)

Remember again that you now REALLY know what living a Resurrection looks like--what it feels like.

You continue in my prayers.
--many blessings, -margaret

Paul said...

Keep on singing, girlfriend!

I love "by the earth" from the Ancient Mother album (which I bought at the GTU bookstore, of course). Cast that circle and celebrate our momma!