Thursday, May 29, 2008

I love this pic

I needed something else to post about. I'm on the left; my advisor's on the right. I'm hatless because I was four days past surgery, and couldn't (still can't) wear my Mardi Gras hat. (I was either holding it, or had lent it to someone else when this was taken.)

Yes, I am wearing a bathrobe over my clothes. My hair is a mess because I couldn't wash it, and dry shampoo only does so much. She's in her academic gown and that hilarious hat, because we were attending an "alternative commencement" for Lizzie, who had to fly back to England the next day.

(Bathrobes were Lizzie's idea. Hats were mine. I got credit for co-planning the event; I did next to nothing, to earn that.)

What were we laughing about? Probably, other people dressed like us. Or silly-walking. Or, simply, life.


Rev Dr Mom said...

And I thought it was a Harry Potter party!

FranIAm said...

Great pic - I saw it on facebook earlier!!

Paul said...

Silliness, I have often maintained, is redemptive.

Good for the lot of you, sillies!