Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing health care catch-up

Since this is my last strictly-academic semester, and I don’t know how my health insurance will work next year (or even if I’ll have it), I’ve been playing catch-up. I’m having surgery on both eyes 4/24, to un-cross my eyes yet again. (I had it done three times when I was little. They drifted back in the past several years, and I’ve been putting off dealing with it.) The pre-op appointments are next Thursday.

Today, I went to the dermatologist because of a strange thing on the back of my left ear. I had a skin check about two years ago, because I have lots of little moles and just wanted to be certain. The resident noticed my ear thing, but said it was nothing serious. She didn’t bring up biopsy or removal. I think it’s been growing, though, and I’ve wanted it checked out again.

This doctor went right there. I showed it to him, and the first thing he said was, “It could be any number of things—one being a not-scary kind of cancer.” Biopsied it right then and there, and I’ll hear next week. They’ll remove it one way or the other—but if they know it’s cancerous, they’ll know how much skin to take around it.

Basal-cell carcinoma is not that big of a deal—once removed, it’s gone. I’m not terrified, but I am rattled a bit. And I’m trying not to be too nervous about the obvious possible complication of eye surgery. Pray, please.


FranIAm said...

Many prayers for you dear Kirstin- for your health, your well being and your peace.


susan s. said...

Oh, I had a basal-cell removed years ago. It never came back. Good luck with your eyes! If you need something between now and the 21st, I can help. Then I will be gone til May 1. By that time I expect you to be well into the full recovery mode!

And we still have to have sushi!

Love you.

Kirstin said...

Thank you, both.


Susan, I'll keep you in mind. Where will you be?

Thanks for the reassurances. Sushi, yes! And love you, too.

Brian R said...

Prayers for your eyes and please all readers take this advice from someone living in the country with the highest rate of skin cancers, check out any changing "thing' on your skin. I had an incipient melanoma removed several years ago and now visit the skin specialist regularly. I should think California would be similar to Australia.

Kirstin said...

You're absolutely right, Brian, and thank you.

Caminante said...

"I’m having surgery on both eyes 4/24, to un-cross my eyes yet again."

Oh, a companion strobismus voyager. I had eye surgery at age 3 and 4. And then I had eye therapy for two years.

I always know when my eyes are tired because the right one turns inward.

Many prayers that it go well.

The eye doctor last week even mentioned putting prisms back into my lenses to which I said, oh please, no.

Kirstin said...

Hi, fellow traveler! Strabismus is more common than I knew. I was 8 months, 2, and 4. They fixed both eyes, then each overcorrected. It was so severe when I was born, that vision therapy wouldn't have helped me.

Always, one would turn in if I was tired. Now it's all the time.

"putting prisms back into my lenses"

That just sounds frightful. Yeek!

Thanks for dropping in. :-)

Caminante said...

"They fixed both eyes, then each overcorrected."

My dear eye doctor was wary of doing that which is why he didn't do the 3rd and 4th operations. As I understand it, he did the vertical muscles but not the horizontal ones.

The prisms are mainly a nuisance for the lens-grinder. But if they are too strong (as my first pair was), they can really do a number on your balance and stomach. I used to think I could light a fire by holding my glasses just right in the sun.

I have the 24th on my calendar. Who is going to update us on your surgery?

susan s. said...

I'm going to Illinois to see my son do the priest thing! He's priest-in-charge at St. Peter's Sycamore.

He sent me a great picture yesterday.
I'll email it to you. I think you will like it!

Definitely sushi in May, I promise.

Kirstin said...

Caminante: Paul (Byzigenous) said he could do that, and I have his cell number. (Oddly enough, he has strabismus too.) Thanks for asking!

Susan: That's a great picture. :-)