Friday, April 11, 2008

Bit of playfulness for Friday

I have some friends in the student-family apartments up the block. They've been having some unwanted company, in the form of rats. So after the gory murder of one, they set traps.

These traps--intended to kill the vermin they catch--are baited with organic apples.

(Yes, I have permission to tell this.)


Paul said...

Well, it IS Berkeley. Of course the apples are organic!

(And I wish your chums every success. Sorry, Mrs. Frisby.)

Jane R said...

The nice pest control man who came here before Maya Pavlova moved in, good mouser that she is, set traps for the mice who had been literally dancing on the kitchen counters (and pooping there) and he used peanut butter. So tell them if the organic apples don't work to try organic peanut butter. ;-) Though I think the nice pest man (really, he was the friendliest person you could meet) used Skippy or Jiffy or whatever the current brand is. (I am such a snootface I only get the crunchy organic type -- though the supermarket now has its own brand of it!)

Kirstin said...

Jane, Godde bless your nice pest man!

I used to work in a food co-op. Ground my own, every time. Know what's really good? Almond butter on chocolate-coconut haystacks.

I'll pass on the tip. :-)