Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laura in Uganda

Laura Toepfer is an Episcopal priest; she also serves on the World in Prayer writing team with a host of others and myself. (We met before she joined that online ministry; she gave me my LEM training a couple of years ago.)

She's serving as a Kiva fellow in Uganda until, I think, July. Her curiosity and her work inspire me.

She blogs here. Check her out.


Laura Toepfer said...

Hey, there, Kirstin! A mention on your blog--I'm really honored! Blessings! Laura

Kirstin said...

Back at you. :-)

Jane R said...

Ooh, thanks for the referral to this very interesting blog. I am going to tell one of my students about it -- he wants to do medical missionary work in Africa eventually.

And sorry I didn't respond to your Facebook message. I just can't handle Facebook right now, too overwhelmed, and if I put one more time-sucking internet thing in my life I won't have a life any more. But I did sign on when you left the note about the prayer circle for Krister. PS I did look for Gallito Mescalito and co. and couldn't find them.

Laura, thanks again for your ministry and witness! I am going to bookmark your blog.