Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eucharistic Theology quiz stolen from Pisco's place. Wow, I never thought I'd come up a Calvinist on anything.

Eucharistic theology
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You scored as Calvin

You are John Calvin. You seek to be faithful to Scripture, and to harmonize difficult sayings. You believe that in the Lord's Supper those who have faith are united to Christ, who is present spiritually, yet in a real way.














Pisco Sours said...

First time for everything, eh?

Apostle In Exile said...

Oh my God, I'm orthodox. And in THIS diocese--help! If that be orthodoxy--heaven preserve me!

Mother Laura said...

I had trouble with getting the code to run on my blog--still won't--and ended up doing it twice. 100% Orthodox and 94% Catholic first time, reversed the second (probably more accurate since I am Independent Catholic and love all the extraliturgical eucharistic devotion--I just think we need to remember it's secondary).

Apostle in exile, don't panic--I think they mean Eastern Orthodox, not the small o kind claimed by bashing bigots....

They really need to have more Anglican options on these quizzes--it's always left out.

lj said...

Hey Kirstin, Come on over to the Calvinistas! I'm one, too. Really, Cavlin gets a very bad rap. He has very sound theology. And was apparently not nearly as dour as his followers. (Kind of like Jesus in that).

Kirstin said...

LOL, I've never imagined a happy-clappy Calvin!

m. k. w. said...

I enjoyed this quiz and am pleased to be 100% Orthodox in my Eucharistic theology...RC's often seem to get stuck behind the cement wall of liturgical law and fail to see the depth and meaning of the sacrament. It's one of my grumble points.

Yay for fun theological quizzes. :-D