Monday, May 01, 2006

New title and URL

I've been generally restless with my blog for awhile. The title has been bothering me, particularly. It fit when I first set this up, but I'm not really playing tag anymore. I know exactly where I live. Not only have I been tagged, and know it, but I'll never wriggle out of God's grasp again. I forget, sure. I can go too long without praying, or without simply being quiet. But I know where my home is.

It's also, by the old Celtic calendar (convenient excuse), summer. I thought of "Barefoot and Laughing," and it stuck. I'm now shifting everything over to where they need to be, and swearing up and down that I'll get some work done tonight.

Happy May Day!


Pecos Glen said...

Ah gets very interesting when the game of tag ends, and you realize you're "it"!

Sometimes you even end up in the desert...and get to provide a little water for parched throats and spirits!

Mimi said...

Welcome home - enjoy the barefootedness! Looks good.

see-through faith said...

I wrote a post a long while back called exactly the title of your blog :)

wonder if I can find it :)

see-through faith said...

nah my mistake ... it was called barefoot and naked and you can find it here if you are interested

welcome to revgals by the way

Mimi said...

Barefoot and Laughing, barefoot and naked, - same diff. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

Echo said...

I love the new blog title!