Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fly away home

I just sent the Peeps home to Seattle with my bishop's husband.


I wish I could be there when +Nedi sees them. Apparently, when she was at St. Aidan's, they impaled Peeps on sticks and processed around the block, every year at the Vigil. Resurrection is such a good joke on Satan, you see. You have to laugh--and you get to.

[Bob was down here for a School for Deacons thing; they both used to be deeply involved with them. I saw him downstairs, said hi and we chatted a bit, then remembered the Peeps when I got back to my room. Fortunately, he was still there when I grabbed them.]

They are both just the neatest people. It was fun to run into him.

Found out today that I have to have my unholy wreck of a room packed by Thursday, to keep stuff in free storage here. That's the day my last final is due. I really didn't work while I was in mid-breakdown, and have tons of catching up still to do. So, back to packing/studying/rolling my eyes at myself.

Honestly, it's good to feel this energy again. Peace and blessings to all.

Oh, and I got the Seattle thing. I'll be interning at Ascension in Magnolia. I start directly after the DioCal ordinations in June, and I'll be there through August.

Unless you know me, you don't know how overjoyed I am to get to be connected with my home.


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