Sunday, May 14, 2006

I love doing this.

Just came home from church. It was likely my last time there for the summer, and my first regular Sunday MC'ing. I love being there.

First, I drove there successfully. That in itself is an accomplishment; I have a geriatric stick-shift minivan with a foot brake, and it doesn't like hills much. I also don't know my way around San Francisco worth anything. But I had good directions this time, and only turned wrong once, when the sun was in my eyes. When I got there, one of the other MC's had already marked the readings, so I didn't have to worry about it. All I really had to do was unlock the doors, put out the bulletins, and vest.

Advice: Go to a service before you help lead it. I'd never been to the 8:00, and had no idea what I was doing. We pulled it off, though. Also, pray and breathe. When you're responsible for the silences, don't panic.

Tommy anointed people for healing, and me for finals and safe travels. I feel so embraced here.

Visited with people I'd met once, but never talked with, at a coffee shop between services. One of them called me by my mentor's name, and apologized for it. I didn't mind at all: Molly's my mentor, Nedi's my bishop, and that's how I ended up here. (Apparently I'm living up to that legacy, because I'm welcomed, embraced, and having a great time.) Molly and I are crazy in different ways, and I don't think I'd mix us up, but being confused with her is a compliment. (I have a doppelganger in Olympia as well; everyone thinks I'm Jody at Traditions. I always get a smile; she's one of the neatest people I know.) We got talking about train trips, traveling, community, and friends. They're visiting family in the Northwest this summer, and we might get to hook up.

I knew what I was doing at the 10:10, because I've been there so much, and shadowed people. I also knew by then how loud to ring the bell. I relaxed, did my job, and caught myself at Communion unable to stop smiling. Sometimes you know you're in the right place, and you feel God breathe within you. I love doing this, and I belong there. I also know that it's only a piece of everything I'm called to grow into.

Tommy preached on listening to God. I'm glad I got to hear it twice. He said it would be a good thing if someone started a class on this. I felt a tug to do it. I just now e-mailed him. I would love to give something like that to these people. It's the safest place I know to start giving, start growing, start stretching beyond myself. They're welcoming, loving, and that whole piece of learning to listen is right exactly where I am.

One of the major reasons I want to do a year-long internship somewhere after next academic year, is that I love this community so much. I feel so blessed that they're my home while I'm here.

Okay. Must study. Peace out.


That Sloane Girl said...

Awesome, Kirstin!

Sally said...

Wonderful to be fulfilled in what you are doing