Friday, May 19, 2006

Glory, glory, hallelujah

...Since I laid my textbooks down.

I'm done. Everything's in: all that was timely and all that was late, reflective of the reading I did and didn't do, the thought and soul-processing I'm still working on, knowledge of where I am and hope of where I want to be.

Grades are out of my hands now. Evaluation will come, and it will be honest, and it will be helpful. A year ago, I could never have told you that I'd be in the inner country where I am now. I could not have known the clarity, passion, or confusion that I've found here. So much hurt and so much healing; so much new growth and so much still feeling like an eight-year-old. So much new learning, and so much remaining to imagine.

One minute I was living my life; the next, my friends were graduating. You stop, you look both ways, you pray, you keep moving.

I'm off to Stockton for two weeks, then Seattle for three months. I'll be back here in the fall. Adventures await me, everywhere I go.

My first year of seminary is over. How did that happen?


Catherine said...

One year already? Where did the time go??? Congrats on one year completed!!!

Sally said...

Me too just completing my first year... same thought how did that happen.. enjoy your summer!

Mimi said...

One year went by so quickly.

Travel safely.