Thursday, November 08, 2007

Signs of hope

I normally get about 15 hits a day on my blog. I posted the PSA about oil spill cleanup around 10:30 this morning. As of now, I’ve had 117 visits today. Easily a hundred were looking for ways to volunteer. A good quarter of those came from a surfer forum.

I’ve also had e-mails thanking me and asking if I know any more. Everybody wants to do something.

This says a lot for people’s understanding of their place in creation, their love of the bay, and connection to the earth around us. That is a very good sign.

I learned a lot from following my impulse. Never underestimate any human being. And don’t put people into boxes. People understand our impact on the earth. Those who play in the water know how precious it is. Those who want to tread more lightly will look for ways to do so. We all just need directions, steps; easy, plausible actions.

Thank all of you, for being outwardly-directed. It is so very easy not to be. Thank you for choosing the harder thing, the responsible thing, the true and life-giving response to this disaster.

By your presence, you spread hope.


Gallycat said...

Just wanted to let you know I finally am getting around to updating my subscriptions, and you're on 'em now.

Hope things are calming down on your end, and thank you for your touching posts on the oil spill.

Can't stop coughing. HACK HACK HACK.


Kirstin said...

Ugh. Sorry you're sick--and thank you for subscribing. :-)