Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alternative Holiday Shopping

Jane Redmont, formerly of the GTU and now teaching at a Quaker college in North Carolina, has a wonderful blog called Acts of Hope. She posted a list of resources for alternative, environmental and social-justice friendly gift buying. Other ideas are listed in the comments. Go check it out!

If you're in the Olympia area, please visit Traditions. It's a fair-trade import store, meaning that artisans actually get paid decently for their work. It's also a performance space, and a community treasure. (And give Dick and Jody my best. They're wonderful people. She was my doppelganger when I lived up there, and I never minded being mistaken for her.)

Please add your own resources, either in the comments here or at Jane's. Thank you!

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Episcopollyanna said...

I didn't know you'd lived here. :)

I do know Traditions and it's a great store. We have a great shop in Madrona (not far from our house) that sells local artists' work. We've bought my in-laws' gifts there the past three years. :)

Thanks for the link to Acts of Hope - great blog!