Sunday, November 25, 2007

5 Things I'm Afraid Of

Inspired by comments elsewhere

Rules: There aren’t any. Play if you like. Tag whom you wish.

My answers:

1) Spiders. Any and all, inside. I’m okay with spiders outside where they belong, as long as they’re not in their webs when I accidentally walk through them.

2) Heights. I can’t climb a ladder more than three steps. I’m perfectly fine on a ski lift, though. (Not that I’ve been, in recent years.)

3) Republicans. For many reasons: foreign policy and (lack of) health care being two of them. I really don’t understand the choices people make, in electing those who adamantly will not provide for their needs, and who will make so absolutely sure that the rest of the world thinks we’re dangerous idiots.

4) Confrontation, in general. I’ve gotten better, but I still hate it.

5) My faculty, if I don’t get my work done. Back to it.


Lauralew said...

LOL--:"My faculty, if I don't get my work done." Seriously!

Re: Republicans--part of my spiritual transformation included a political one. I voted Republican all of my life until I realized in the summer of 2003 that to continue to do that flew in the face of my baptismal vows. And now I'm so liberal that some extended family members refuse to speak to me unless forced. To continue on the current path, besides being the totally wrong thing to do, is to encourage revolution. You can only thumb your nose in someone's face for so long before there is a violent reaction.

I really should post on my blog the letter I got from one of my US senators about why he voted against SCHIP after I gave him a good scolding. He is pathologically pro business which is very apparent in the letter.

Enough of my rant! I really enjoy your blog, particularly its raw honesty. Thanks.

Kirstin said...

I could rant a lot more than I do. Thanks for coming by, and for appreciating what you see. :-)

Episcopollyanna said...

I'd say I'd agree 100% except I've never met your faculty. ;)

Great post, though, especially the part about the GOP! I guess my biggest nightmare would be battling a giant Republican spider on the edge of a skyscraper...