Thursday, November 08, 2007

SF Bay Oil Spill Response Information

If you landed here via a search for oil spill cleanup info, you know that a container ship crashed into a tower supporting the Bay Bridge yesterday morning, spilling 58,000 gallons of oil.

I lived all but three years of my life on Puget Sound. I remember the pictures from the Exxon Valdez. If I'm claiming California, I'm also claiming the bay. I saw the article in this morning's Chronicle, and needed to do something.

I wrote to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, centered at UC Davis, asking what ordinary citizens can do. Here is their reply, dated this morning:

“It is very important that the public not pick up oiled birds under any circumstances. We have a hotline, 877-823-6926, set up to report oiled wildlife. This information is disseminated to the oiled wildlife care network staff working in the field. At this time, we have very few birds in hand. As soon as that number increases, so will the need for volunteers. At that time, we will post a phone number on our web site for those who want to volunteer.

While there will probably be a responsible party for this spill who should cover the costs, donations can be made to the
International Bird Rescue Research Center or the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center for ongoing wildlife spill response activities and rehabilitation.”


OWCN is now posting a volunteer hotline number: (800) 228-4544.
Coast Guard information/update page is here. They also refer volunteers to OWCN.
San Francisco Baykeepers are taking names of potential volunteers, and have suggestions for what you can do in the meantime. They are also accepting donations.

(photo: SF Chronicle)


Mimi said...

Gahhhhhhhhhh - I'd not heard this. Lord have Mercy.

Madfoot said...

Thank you! I've been calling the coast guard and the national park service all morning. I just wanna help some ducks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on volunteering, all the news reports seem to focus on the well being of the bridge rather than the birds!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Kirstin, this was a very good thing to do. Thank you.

cg said...

It's gonna be a while till this is cleaned up. Here are some pics from the weekend.