Sunday, December 16, 2007

I don't know what to pray, but I need to.

I was in a car accident on the freeway yesterday. I’m skittish about sharing the details online; suffice it to say that all parties are physically fine. What happened was the lesser of two potentially very bad things.

This could have been so much worse. It’s only by grace, that it wasn’t. That is precisely why I’m shaken.

(And even though I know that, it also gives me pause. What do you say, when an accident results in catastrophe?)

Thank you, Paul, for praying for me offline, and to the Apostle in Exile for caring for me. We are all, physically, fine—and that makes me want to collapse on my knees. The tension in my body will dissipate. The flashbacks as I’m going to sleep, will stop. I will feel solid again. My car door sounds different, but still does what it’s supposed to do. The other car has only a significant scratch. The other people were so damn nice about it, as was the CHP officer who was already there.

This could have been so much worse. I’ve known people, for whom it was worse. My college roommate was killed nineteen years ago yesterday, when the car she was a passenger in slipped on black ice, on a twisty highway near Forks, WA. I still carry her family in my heart; she was from Olympia, and for a long time I was very involved in the spiritual community she'd grown up in. I have another friend who survived a freeway accident, but was paralyzed. They didn’t deserve that, any more than I deserve this.

We are all fine. I don’t know what to pray, but “Thank you—and surround everybody with the grace you give me.”


Paul said...

I named you at Mass this morning. Keep on healing.

Lauralew said...

Oh Kirstin! Hugs and prayers to you.

We passed an accident this am a mile from our home. A car flipped onto its top in a ditch. We prayed for whomever was in that car then, and we pray for you now. I still bear vague but present scars from an accident in 1993, so this I understand.

On a practical note, I'm glad if this was to happen, it happened this week and not last. It is hard to be sick or injured and be a seminarian!

Kirstin said...

Thanks, guys. Your prayers mean a lot.

I'm still shaken, but I'll be okay.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, so sorry it happened and triggered highway trauma memories, and so glad it wasn't worse. Hugs and prayers.

Suzer said...

I'm thankful you and everyone else involved is o.k. I've had a few fender benders, and one accident where my car was totaled but everyone was unhurt. I know how scary and traumatizing it can be. You will be in my prayers for continued healing. Sorry I didn't see this sooner.


Mimi said...

Wow! I'm so glad everyone is ok. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

((((K)))) Glad you and everyone else involved is ok.

Cars can be can't!

Prayers ascending!

Kirstin said...

Thank you, everyone.

Diane said...

so glad everyone is ok, kirstin. prayers for you.

FranIAm said...

Kirstin, so glad that you and others were not hurt. It is traumatic however.

Know that you are showered in prayers of healing, consolation and love.

Peace to you.

God Junkie said...

heal heal heal heal - in all corners and parts, the mind, the spirit, the body. i feel so out of the loop - sorry for not seeing earlier. love your way.