Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friday Poetry Blogging: Participatory Edition

Why? Because it’s the last day of finals week, and I need all of it to get anywhere close to done. And I don’t want to lose track of this. And because collective anarchy can be really creative and fun.

This week, you get to come up with the poetry. Silly or serious; written by you, or found. Haiku, higgledy-piggledy, acrostic, whatever. Throw confetti, or give whatever gift that’s in you. All of us will receive it.

Post in the comments, and enjoy.


Paul said...


Ribbon unrolling under my wheels
straight gray path in the desert
sealing the soil of my birth beneath me
lest it touch me, reveal its secrets
lend me its strength, mysteries mighty
root me here, rivet me, keep me from passing.
Here perhaps, somewhere, my afterbirth buried;
this is my land, my source, my place.
I feel nourishment rising from fields to my fingers—
bearfeathers? maybe, and this is my valley.
Holy Joachim, God’s loving grandfather,
you are my ancestor, I am not peopleless.
Roots have I, here and in places my heart has loved;
home have I always in hearts that have loved me.
I may be pilgrim and palmer and quester,
yet all of my wanderings safely are circumscribed
by palms that sustain and always protect me—
there is my name written always and ever.

August 23, 2002

Mother Laura said...

Candle cupped for strength;
Tiny flame assaults my eyes.
My small light--enough?

(Winter 1987, in grad housing at Notre Dame).

Also, I posted links to a couple of John of the Cross poems in my Friday Five today.

Blessings on your completion of term and upcoming R and R....