Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jesus on a pogo stick.

Grrr. Grrr. Grrr.

I called Kaiser about an hour ago. I’m due to start interferon on Monday; my friend was about to leave on a business trip, and we wanted to make sure she could adjust her schedule when she gets back, to go to my first appointment with me.

As I understand it, that appointment involves both an oncology nurse, and the first infusion. But what do I know, now.

Oncology transferred me to Infusion. That was fine; I should have called the number on the card I forgot I had. Infusion put me on hold forever, to find out what the order was. But the pharmacy had the damned order wrong. She came back, unsure why I was calling to make an appointment to inject my own self at home.

Okay. No. Four weeks of IV, 5 days/week. Then 3x/week self-injections (my Oakland doc confirmed the last piece). She said it was written really confusing.

I’m spitting nails.

They’re supposedly calling me back, this afternoon. Why we couldn’t have made this appointment on our way out of the consultation, two days ago, is beyond me. I’m just glad I called, instead of doing as I was told and waiting for them.

And I’m as frustrated as I’ve ever been in my life. The sooner this starts, the sooner the worst is over. Just start me and let’s get it over with.



The Swandive said...

(((((((((oh sweet pea.)))))))))

Inefficiency in healthcare is just no fun. Bless you as you rightfully rant and rave. Get it out, and then take a nice long retreat to your happy place.

pj said...

Ay yi yi. I was going to snark about our woeful healthcare system, but then I thought, even if we end up with the most generous public healthcare system on earth... it will still be staffed by people. Lots and lots of confused people.


eileen said...


Jane R said...

Oh, gawd. Human Inefficiency strikes again. That and being put on hold and having to press sixteen buttons before you get a real person. It seems to be the way of the world everywhere from medicine to getting a new cell phone to work, but it is juuuuust a little more nerve-wracking when it's your body you're dealing with. So sorry. I'm trying to think of "Mantras for When You're On Hold and Going Nuts" but nothing comes to mind. Maybe taking up crocheting (knitting might risk too much slipping of stitches what with the phone-button-pressing and all) would be calming. Oy.

Kirstin said...

Thank you, all. ((((Hugs)))) all around.

Thanks for the laugh, Jane. I mostly use a speaker phone, now--my phone ear still hurts. I used to knit, in my pre-grad school life. My stash is in the back of the car right now.

I started a pair of fun-fur socks, a year and a half ago (Epiphany West). I might drag them back out again...

Mary Beth said...


Caminante said...

I have to say I have never heard the expression, 'Jesus on a Pogo stick,' but it is quite apt for the yanking around the stupid health care system has put you through.

Jane R said...

This is interesting.