Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Anti- “How are you?” T-shirt contest

From the comments:

Greetings on this rainy muggy east coast day. Way back in the 50's President Eisenhower had a heart attack. I suppose he got tired of the question of "How are You?" too. He has a shirt made, that said "I'm fine, thank you.".

Now I think you should have a tee shirt made, just for the summer and wear while not in school, but have a blog-sphere contest as to what should be on the front. I'm sure you will get great responses.

For instance "Don't look at me, Don't talk to me, and Don't ask me how I am." Or some such nonsense like that.

Continuing to pray for you,


“Don’t look at me” isn’t the attitude I want to project. Love and prayers have sustained me. I write here about the cancer adventure all the time—but in real life, sometimes I need to be with that and sometimes I need to be normal. I’m negotiating it within myself, let alone with the community around me.

It’s the question, not the concern behind it, that leaves me flustered.

What say you? Have fun with it. Winner gets… something.


Anonymous said...

Kirstin, I only included that "don't look at me" comment, because it would be what my little niece would pronounce when she had a mad on, and the lower lip came out.

Your community is simply the best one could ask for, and I do so enjoy your posts. The blog world wasn't around when I went thru my cancers.



Mimi said...

Maybe I'm an ignoramus, but I like Ike's.

Great new photo, by the way!

Kirstin said...

I know, Suzanne--actually I think that's really cute; it's just not what I want to project right now.

Yes, my community rocks my socks off. Thanks for being part of it. :-)

Thanks, Mimi!

Caminante said...

"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...'



Kirstin said...

LOL, that's a very good point!