Friday, March 28, 2008

Open note to truck drivers

Do NOT tailgate me, ever. Especially not at night on a one-lane road, with a barrier on one side and no shoulder on the other. A rear-view mirror full of your grille will not make me go any faster in treacherous conditions. Honking only scares hell out of me.

I drive an old car and I was trying not to die. Deal with it.


Paul said...

What an *******. It would be nice to think this message got through to the ones who need to read it. Sigh. So glad you made it to your destination in one piece.

Lauralew said...

Gracious!!! I've had that same view before but I had a way to get out of that angry person's path. Hugs to you, and so glad you are safe.

Caminante said...

When a flat lander starts getting on my tail, hot to trot, I simply say: 'Go ahead, pass me (and they do on a curvy part of the road with a double line). You'll find out soon enough why this woodchuck is poking along.' I can't help it, it's so mean, but when I see them pulled over by the local sherrif, I think: 'You would do well to ask yourself just why this Vermontuh is going so slowly. She just might know something you don't.' Ha.

Kirstin said...

Thanks, all! I'm glad I'm safe, too.

Caminante, I'll use that. Gracias!