Friday, March 21, 2008

Early alleluias

I’ve been in a God-quake for about a week. Last Tuesday, I had an appointment with one of my faculty. I’d asked her to help me with one specific thing. She ended up doing vocational discernment with me, for an hour. She brought up a reflection paper I’d written, and said essentially, let’s talk about where you really are.

I’ve gotten clear enough, and brave enough, to say that my ministry and my passion is in the world. What I want more than anything, is to physically and sacramentally feed people.

So we talked about community organizing. She gave me tons of ideas. The next day, I bumped into another faculty in the refectory, and asked him to do a reading course with me. (Yes, I’ve been here 2 ½ years, and am finally taking charge of my education.) We talked for a few minutes, and he said yes.

He also gave me a wonderful image to think about: St. Francis building church, with the rocks he had at hand.

I came home from Maundy Thursday last night, to an e-mail I’m still breathless about. It may have just made my path a whole lot clearer.

I can’t be fully forthcoming yet. But you know, when you’re standing under the right waterfall.

Rejoice with me. As a friend said in an IM last night, “Easter’s come early to Berkeley.”


FranIAm said...

Amen amen and peace to you this Easter!

This is wonderful to read and know that you will be held in prayer by many, as you make your way.

The Swandive said...

yay yay yay! Can't wait for the details as you can share. much love and again... THANK YOU.

Mimi said...

Prayers on this Holy Friday, and may it be one of peace and silence.

And, yay!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Kirstin, I join with you in rejoicing that Easter has come early for you and that your way has been made a little clearer. Thanks be to God!

johnieb said...

Dear Kristin,

these things come in Godde's time, an not on chronos schedule. This sounds wonderful, and I look forward to hearing where Godde is leading you.

Peace and blessing as we await our Lord's resurrection, and our own.

Kirstin said...

Thank you all! I'm ecstatic.

Jane R said...

NOW you're talking. The community organizing path makes sense, from the little time I've known you.

May you find time for quiet prayer in these holy days.