Friday, February 29, 2008

For Paul

He and his computer are both under the weather; I thought he could do with some cheering up. Perhaps we all can.

Stella Marrs is an artist local to my hometown. Check her out.


Paul said...

Paying attention does make one cynical, I do admit.

You didn't quite make it in time. The MacBook is in hospital for its brain transplant. But, for the moment anyway, my dicey Dell desktop is working. Which means I won't be totally isolated. Should get my baby back by Monday at the lates.

Thanks for the artful humor.

Kirstin said...

Anytime. :-)

Glad you have something to tide you over.

Paul said...

And for anyone visiting here, my Mac is home and I have finished re-installing half a dozen applications, downloading updates, acquiring media players, and transferring an incredible quantity of documents from the backup device. I seem to be up and running again. And still taking notes....

Kate Murphy said...

Well, at least you're done in less than a full day's time. Now, if you were re-installing on a PC we all know what your day would go to ;-) (Have been a PC user since IBM started shipping out of Boca Raton + 6 months)

Paul said...

Kate, (Hi, while we're at it!)

For years I was all Mac. Had three desktops in succession (starting with that first cute little portable job) and one laptop. Then, at some point, so I could easily trade files with the church, I went over to the dark side. Went through a succession of those (and a laptop that died just over a year ago). I have come home again. As I read of the woes of Vista I am doubly glad I did not buy another PC.

That I could take my MacBook in mid day and receive it back with a new hard drive by late afternoon, then get my apps re-installed and my myriads (literally) of documents reloaded all before bedtime... well, it makes one glad to be a Mac person once more. If I had a PC again I would probably have slashed my wrists ere this.