Saturday, February 02, 2008

My week seen at Episcopollyanna's.

Work = Very little
Home = Shifting
Head = Muddled, thanks to muscle relaxants
Mood = Anxious, optimistic, hopeful, sad (yes, you can be all of these at once)
Friends = Fantastic, loving, playful, and insightful
Family = See above
Prayer = Action
Reading = On paper, not since the flight
Bible study = Would be a good idea
Awareness = Moderate
Sleep = Heavy, drugged, and often
Fun = Intermittent
Love = God, my friends, this world, New Orleans

I need to gear up for school; classes start Monday. I have a long list of chores that I need to do this weekend, and processes that will continue well into spring. I'm lying on a heating pad right now, having more-or-less awakened from a Flexeril-induced nap. I want my mind and body back.

So, logically, I took a silly quiz.


Episcopollyanna said...

Excellent answers! Don't work too hard. ;)

Kirstin said...

LOL, don't worry. :-)

Diane said...

Oh, muscle relaxants! I have a little experience with those, from last year!

they are a little muddling.

Jane R said...

Work = Too much
Home = Comforting, though there's some housework to do...
Head = Hurts a little (from whatever bug I've been fending off )
Mood = Anxious, stressed out
Friends = The best
Family = Good. Love 'em lots.
Prayer = Yes
Reading = Gustavo Gutierrez, Isabel Apawo Phiri, Teresia Hinga, Mercy Amba Oduyoye, student assignments
Bible study = This week, Gutierrez's perspective, and Musa Dube's. No preaching-related study for a while, I've taken a break from preaching for a couple of months, waaaah, I miss it, but it was necessary for reasons of schedule and sanity.
Awareness = Too much and too little.
Sleep = Usually: just fine and deep. Last several days: fitful. not good.
Fun = Fun?? Oh wait, brief appearance at friend's party last night.
Love = Yes

Hey Kirstin, hope you are healing and resting! Give that nice chiropractor's office a call. Also, Berkeley Sauna has nice hot tubs :-) -- clean, cheap. I called it "poor woman's massage" when I was in school there. But you shouldn't go there while you are on meds.

Kirstin said...

Ooh, hot tubs! Thanks, Jane! (Good answers, too.)

johnieb said...

Good idea, Kristin; a quiz helps.

Hot tub? I'd settle for a bathtub: Californians!

Kirstin said...

JohnieB, I live in a seminary dorm. Communal bathrooms--and no tub.

Jane R said...

That's why you need to go to Berkeley Sauna. Twelve bucks well spent -- if you have them. (Sometimes I didn't.)

Kirstin said...

I'm not sure that I do either--but this is a great tip. Thanks!