Thursday, July 12, 2007


...but it's a good "ouch."

My director's daughter, whom I met at the Oly Food Co-op before I moved to California and through whom I got this job, is visiting for four days, between spring in Nicaragua and summer school at Evergreen. We'd only met each other that one time, so it's been fun to hang out a little.

Sean, Calen, her boyfriend Sam, and I played two-on-two soccer last night, from just after sunset until dark. We only played for half an hour or so, and none of us were any good, but I hadn't appreciably moved in two years.

Wow, did I wake up sore.


Mimi said...

Hopefully a good sore, though. Enjoy the visit!

eileen said...


The body - designed to move, but lets you know that if you don't do it all the time, you will PAY!

Sounds like fun though! Enjoy your visit.

lj said...

Kirstin, Long time no hear. You OK?