Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm good, lj, thanks for asking.

I'm sorry, anyone that I've worried. I've been busy with camps and stuff, and haven't really felt like writing. I'll give a better update later.

Two days off this week; I went to see the Harry Potter movie yesterday, and it made me actually nostalgic for wool sweaters. It's a cold-ish, foggy morning right now. I went to breakfast in my pajamas, and when I get my act together, I'm going to the beach.

A long walk in infinity will do me a world of good, I think.


Mimi said...

Yeah, I always get wistful for sweaters round about now.

Good to see you!

lj said...

I figured it was just summer schedules and so forth, but given your earlier post on not feeling so great about life, I wanted to check in. Thanks for the response. No pressure to write. I haven't posted much either.

eileen said...


I can't wait! Fall and spring are too darn short. Sweater weather is the best!