Thursday, August 30, 2007

A supposedly Monday Meme, on Thursday

Stolen from klady; I don't think she minds.

1. Were you named after anyone?

Originally, for my mom’s high school best friend’s younger sister. (It was the only name my parents could agree on.) I took names that suited me, about three years ago.

2. When was the last time you cried?

Last Wednesday, about three hours after I’d been told of Rob’s death. The Grace Cathedral boys’ choir was here. Their music got me, and I walked out of Evensong crying. The CDSP faculty was also here, on retreat. One of my teachers, who also knew Rob, made a point of checking in with me.

3. Do you like your handwriting?

My printing, yes—except when I hurry. It’s a scrawly mess, then.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?

Given the choice, I’ll usually take turkey. I was a vegetarian for over 15 years, and am still totally happy with some kind of greens, tomatoes, avocado, and cheese.

5. Do you have kids?

No, but someday I’d like them.

6. If you were another person would you be friends with you?

Yes. I would also frustrate me, sometimes. (I do now.)

7. Do you use sarcasm?


8. Do you still have your tonsils?

Nope. When I was a kid, they were the biggest of everybody I knew.

9. Would you bungee jump?

When elephants fly.

10. What is your favorite cereal?

Granola with yogurt, a slosh of milk, nuts, and fresh fruit.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I un-Velcro them. I live in Tevas.

12. Do you think you are strong?

Emotionally, yes. I’m very much a survivor. Physically, your average kindergartner is more butch than me.

13. What is your favorite ice cream?

Any kind of chocolate.

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their eyes, and their smile.

15. Red or pink?

Red. Pink is okay on a flower, but not on me.

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

Lack of focus, except when I’m passionate about something. Self-doubt.

17. Who do you miss the most?

My Olympia family. I owe them at least an e-mail—I was supposed to go see them this summer, and ended up working that week. I feel guilty about it—particularly since I’m growing closer to family in California. [Family, here, means unconditionally loving, close friends.]

18. Do you want everyone to send this back to you?

No. I’m answering the questions just because I feel like it.

19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing?

Khaki shorts. Bare feet. (It’s 95 degrees outside.)

20. What was the last thing you ate?

What was lunch? Chard galette, chicken salad, organic heirloom tomatoes. I’ve been so spoiled here.

21. What are you listening to right now?

Birds chirping outside my window. Musically, I’ve been in a bluegrass-gospel phase.

22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

My favorite color is purple, but I think I’d be a deep green. This summer has been a growing time.

23. Favorite smells?

Lilacs. Bread baking. The earth after rain.

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Berkeley family, yesterday. We were arranging when I’d have tea with them.

25. Do you like the person who sent this to you?

I like the person whose blog I stole it from. But I'd never answer "no" to this, anyway.

26. Favorite sports to watch?

Ice skating, skiing, gymnastics.

27. Hair color?

Darkish auburnish reddish brown, depending on the light.

28. Eye color?

Green-blue. My driver’s license says green.

29. Do you wear contacts?


30. Favorite food?

Sushi. Also, corn-lime cookies.

31. Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings.

32. Last movie you watched?

Harry Potter V. Before that, Ratatouille. Before that, nothing since Christmas break ’05.

33. What color shirt are you wearing?

Bright green.

34. Summer or winter?

Summer, especially this one. I miss winters, though—they don’t happen in my part of California.

35. Hugs or kisses?

Hugs. Random affection.

36. Favorite dessert?

Hmm… birthday cake.

37. Most likely to respond?

Whomever happens by and feels like playing.

38. Least likely to respond?

Whomever happens by and doesn’t feel like playing.

39. What book are you reading now?

I’m a seminarian at the end of summer break. ‘Nuff said.

40. What is on your mouse pad?

I have a laptop. I haven't seen a literal mouse around the Ranch; we have lots of bats, though.

41. What did you watch on tv last night?

No TV. I haven’t had cable since the West Wing was good.

42. Favorite sound?

Rushing water. Laughter. Friends’ voices. Live acoustic music. Good singing.

43. Rolling Stones or Beatles?

Neither. I’m so much a folkie, it’s embarrassing.

44. What is the farthest you have been from home?

I’m home everywhere I go. The farthest I’ve traveled is Europe, when I was seven.

45. Do you have a special talent?

Writing. I’m a decent preacher too, oddly enough. I was told I’m a gifted storyteller, two weeks ago—and that was worth every amount of getting there.

46. Where were you born?

Wichita, KS. We moved to suburban Seattle when I was ten months old, to follow my grandparents out from Virginia. I stayed within spitting distance of Puget Sound until two years ago.

47. Whose answers are you looking forward to?

Anyone who wants to play. I’m not tagging people for this one.


Missy said...

Corn lime cookies?
Now I have to have that recipe. Really. You must post it. I'll be back.

Kirstin said...

I packed it, and it's back in Berkeley. I'll get it to you, though--remind me if I don't, this weekend. :-)

Mimi said...

I'm with Missy - corn-lime cookies?

Great to get to know you better!