Friday, February 18, 2011

Brain mets. Fuuuuuuuuuck.

I had an MRI last night.  Oncologist called me this morning.

They're small, and not causing edema or shifting of brain contents.  But, I have them.  They may be responsible for the transitory numbness I've had.

The next step is a radiation oncologist, probably next week.  I asked my oncologist how effective that would be.  He said it would shrink them, or make them stop growing, or make them go away.  There's no telling whether they'd come back.

I'll be more reflective later.  Had to get this out there.

UPDATE:  Here's the e-mail I sent out:

Brain mets. !#$+&^$$#+*%!!!

I had an MRI yesterday. I was told I wouldn't even get the results until Wednesday or so. My doctor called me this morning with the news. They're small, and not causing edema or shifting of brain contents. They may be responsible for some transitory numbness I've had (which was the reason he ordered the test). The next step is a radiation oncologist, probably next week. They'll call me to set that up.

I asked my oncologist how effective radiation would be. He said it would either shrink them, or make them stop growing, or make them go away. So there is hope in that. There's no telling whether they'll grow back.

Had a PET scan last Sunday; I've been suspecting worse lung involvement because I've had a cough for more than a month and my palpable tumors are growing. He didn't have that in front of him. Brain mets take precedence over everything else.

Trying to get in to UCD to be seen. My (Kaiser) doctor isn't opposed to that, but he said that brain mets rule me out of most experimental protocols.

Just got off the phone with Andee. This changes the game in one other dimension. If you are local, we may need you to drive me to radiation. I'll see if I can get anything closer than Rancho Cordova. I don't know how often this will be. If you can be called on for that, please say so.

Pray for wholeness; pray for strength; pray for access to effective treatment.



Mary Beth said...

Praying, got church prayer chain praying. Peace be with you.

Kirstin said...

Thank you so much.

Lisa Brodoff said...

Kirstin - know that you are in our thoughts and prayers here in Olympia. If there is anything more we can do from here, please let me know. Sending love your way, Lisa and Lynn

Kirstin said...

Thank you so much, Lisa. Love to both of you--and all the Oly Jews. :-)

it's margaret said...

Love you.

Kirstin said...

I love you, Margaret. Always.

Jemma said...

Sorry to hear this news. Praying and will also ask our congregation's prayer guild to pray. (Longtime reader, frequent prayer, seldom commenter - Jemma in Beijing)

Kirstin said...

Thank you Jemma! Glad to know you exist. :-)

susankay said...

Kirstin -- heartfelt prayers for healing and equal belief that healing is already there for you.


Ann said...

prayers surrounding you and bearing you through this time.

JCF said...

Kirstin, do I remember you're in my area (Greater Sacra-tomato, CA)?

If you need anything, let me know. jcf1899 at gmail dot com

[In sad irony, I have another friend in the area w/ Stage 4 Cancer (Non-Smoking Lung). She's fearing brain mets at the moment.]

Kirstin said...

Susankay, thank you. And I love that wv. :-)

Ann, exactly. Thank you.

JCF, yes! Thank you. And I'll pray for your friend. (A friend of mine's sister went through the same thing.)

Barbi Click said...

Kirsten, we pray every day for you and will continue to do so. Now we will use the words you have given us.
Wish we were closer to help. Meanwhile we will pray.
as David says, "love love and always love".

Lisa Fox said...

You remain on our parish prayer list, Kirstin, and I'll share this update with them.

So very sorry to hear of this development. :(

Love to you ... and prayers for strength, wholeness, and effective treatment.

MadPriest said...

Prayers across the ocean for you, Kirstin. And, bear in mind that English prayers are so much better than anybody else's - of course :-)

Kirstin said...

Thank you all, and MP for the laugh. :-)

Love to everyone.