Wednesday, July 02, 2008

About Ranch cookbooks

From Sean at the Ranch:

Hi Kirstin,

The cookbooks are $35.00 plus tax. They are hardbound, with a binding that lays flat to be helpful on a kitchen counter.

The can be purchased at the Cathedral bookstore, at Levin and Co. in Healdsburg, at Copperfields Books in Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol and at the Ranch.

At the Ranch we charge $40.00 which includes the tax, because we can't make change. If someone wants us to mail a book to them it costs $45.00 to cover the postage.

The Ranch address is:

The Bishop's Ranch
5297 Westside Rd.
Healdsburg CA 95448

(Put "cookbook" on the envelope; it will get to the right person.)


Jane R said...

Kirstin, does the money benefit the Ranch and its programs? Or scholarship? Or is it income to support the ranch? If you find out while you are there, let us know. Many thanks. Have a GREAT time.

susankay said...

Kistin -- Be well. Be.