Thursday, January 17, 2008


My Fortune Cookie told me:
Your wounds are strangely shaped.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Well, I may have wounded my back--but it's shaped like nothing other than a surprised scapula. I'll find out more tomorrow; Mimi has prayers for me. (We really did have a great time, other than the roller coaster ride in the intersection. She and Grandpere are great company, and lots of fun.)

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in a week. I'm having so many incredible experiences--I've been too busy, and too involved, to write about them. When I have down time, I'm exhausted. But I will catch up, some way or another.

Pray for New Orleans. Pray for me. Pray for Mimi and Grandpere.

h/t Eileen for the fortune cookie.

Love to all.


FranIAm said...

You know, Grandmere referenced some drama in her one post and now I just went over and read...

Oh dear. My love and prayers for you Kirstin! And yes- love and prayers for you, for Grandmere and Grandpere and for all of New Orleans.

I also wanted to tell you that I attended my small faith sharing group this week, where I meet, read scripture and pray with 3 other women. One of the questions from our prayer guide this week was about a holy person in our midst, doing God's work.

You came to my mind immediately and I spoke of your work in New Orleans.

Peace and prayers, healing and restoration!

Eileen said...

((((K))))) Glad you are relatively ok. Blessings of healing for you, Mimi, Gpere and New Orleans. Mwaah!

Kirstin said...

Fran, thank you. This city is full of holy work--and people doing it.


FranIAm said...

Kirstin- as a clearly highly capable adult, you don't need me meddling in your affairs.

However, I shall offer up my two cents.

Feel free to tell me nicely or otherwise to buzz off!

With all the folks you are working with, does anyone know an acupuncturist or a reiki practictioner?

I am thinking that could be helpful and does not require the meds etc, at least not as much of them.

You may not even have interest in alternative paths.

In 1998 I sprained my ankle really, really badly. The doctor told me it would remain somewhat tender and swollen forever.

I had always been curious about acupunture and went to a clinic someone recommended.

1 hour and $20 later (it was an acupuncture school clinic) I felt some relief. A week later and two more $20 treatments later I was fine.

I have never stopped going since.

Anyway, do as you need to for your health. I send you my prayers!

Leslie, St. Francis in exile said...

Dear Kirstin,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are better very soon. Maybe you should fly home early and attend the "Moving Forward" gathering on the 26th in Hanford. That is sure to make your neck feel better.
Christ's Love and Healing to you...

Batocchio said...

Okay, serious part, first. I hope you and all of yours are in good health or are on the road to that.

Silly part, since I generated this fortune:

In the future, human beings will be made out of soy.

And I'm sure they'll all be green! They're people, I tell you! Soylent Green is people! (They said they changed the recipe, but they didn't! Aaaaahhh!)

Jane R said...

Ooh, hope you feel better soon.

Whenever I have something wrong with my back I go to the chiropractor. Couldn't have written my books or survived graduate school --or teaching-- without that. But acupunture is also good, I second FranIAm on that. It doesn't help put vertebrae back in place though.

Hugs and healing to you. And how blessed you are to have met Grandmère and Grandpère! I'm green with envy.