Tuesday, February 13, 2007


...gave me a laugh!

Click on the title of this post; you will see my friend Max's take on a photograph from the event in Lodi last weekend.

The pic, from the San Francisco Chronicle, is unintentionally funny. The commentary by Max is priceless. :-)


Mimi said...


Happy St. Valentine's Day (and St. Cyril's Day)

Catherine said...

I went to my blogging episcopalians link on my blog, and I saw under "New Blogs" a blog titled, Playing Tag With God.

I thought it was you because a) it was in the blogging episcopalians blog ring, and b) Playing Tag With God is a very unique name, that was once the name of your blog.

Anyway, it had just one political entry, and links to porn. Is someone trying to punk you??