Saturday, March 04, 2006

What can you do?

I posted this on a discussion board I visit, and thought I'd repeat it here.

What are you proud of yourself for?

I can...
Fold origami cranes in my sleep
Sing endless Girl Scout camp songs
Build a one-match fire and keep it going in the rain
Read a map, and fold it when I'm done
Make rosaries
Knit well
Crochet poorly
Walk on my knees in the lotus position
Make a really good tofu chocolate pie
Survive and be happy in graduate school
Read French
*Whistle (but not yet with my fingers)
Look at a craft and figure out how to make it
Write silly poetry
Laugh well and often

What can you do?

*A story about whistling: I was at a Christmas party with a 7-year-old that I'm friendly with, listening to someone play the piano. He recognized a song, and I asked if he could sing it. He started whistling, in perfect tune, for all he was worth. Then he answered:,"I can just sing with my lips."

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Mimi said...

Sing with his lips, bwahaahahahaha.

Very cool list!