Saturday, March 04, 2006


I meant to write Wednesday, and didn't. Been meaning to write since, and haven't. But I want to get back into this blog, and I really ought to say something about Lent.

I've always had a hard time with Lent being when it is. How can you concentrate on the finiteness of your humanity when it's Spring? It's hard to be penitential when the world's waking up. Winter doesn't happen in the Bay Area, though. I'm not having my annual mood swing because the light's back; it didn't really leave. (Winter days are shorter, yes, but still longer--and much sunnier--than I'm used to.)

I've needed to take stock of my life, though, and reprioritize things. It's good to take time to live more closely to where you want to be. I've never gotten into giving up things for Lent; I take a practice on, instead. Usually I intensify my prayer journal. I've gotten so far out of the practice of keeping one, that writing anything at all is a huge act of cleaning house. I also intended to start getting up for Morning Prayer. I didn't make it once last week. I'll try again Monday.

What am I hungry for? More quiet prayer time. More movement: walks, swimming, getting off of Holy Hill and being outside. Less time being randomly online. More focused study habits. More involvement at church--but really all I have to do is show up, and that is given to me. (I hadn't even planned to go on Ash Wednesday, but was offered a ride home across the bay if I went. Ended up doing three jobs.) More time in conversation, and more time in listening.

Know how you're sometimes given challenges just so you can learn from them? I've been so deeply called into healing. I'm really needing to learn about my own personal boundaries, and to build myself back up within them. I don't think I have a choice but to go there--and I need to create time to explore that this season.

If I make a schedule, and keep to it, this will be a fruitful time.


Mimi said...

You have my prayers this Lent, my friend.

Forgive me, my sister.

Debbie of Boise said...


Aye, hard to do Lent with Spring in busting out. Most of the time in Boise, Idaho, we would progress from late winter to early spring to full spring during Lent. Sometimes though, spring came early and Easter late. Then it was hard not to raise up Alleluias

I do Lent for the sins of my people, as well as my own. I am horrified that my taxpayer dollars are used to torture prisoners all over the world. I am horrified that there is not outrage through out this country.

I am horrified that my taxpayer dollars support policies that pollute the earth.

Bummer stuff, but I do address this issue on my blog.

The other side of Lent is to enter a time of deep, intentional healing. You are doing just that my friend and I rejoice in the growth I see in you.