Thursday, February 23, 2006

What do you know...

I got tagged. I must be in now! Thank you, Dixie Blue; I haven't been here in ages.

Four jobs I've had:
*Homeless shelter and soup-kitchen organizer (aka Catholic Worker)
*Preschool teacher
*Educational Assistant with clinically-eccentric children
*Tenant Support for developmentally disabled adults

Four movies I could watch over and over:
(Make that two that I want to see)
*Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
*The sequel to What the Bleep?

(and two that I could watch again indefinitely)
*Fried Green Tomatoes
*About Face

Four places I've lived:
*Everett, WA
*Olympia, WA
*Seattle, WA
*Berkeley, CA

Four TV shows I love:
*The West Wing (but not now)
*Interesting documentaries

Four places I've vacationed:
*Someplace by Santa Cruz, CA (camping; no idea of the name of the park)
*Stockton, CA (I know--a friend lives there. She gets out occasionally; see above.)
*Cannon Beach, OR
*Lilliwaup, WA (Girl Scout camp when I was a kid)

Four favorite foods:
*Vegetarian lasagna
*Any sort of seafood
*Anything Indian or Thai

Four websites I visit daily:
See my Links box; I mostly go there.

Four places I'd rather be:
Olympic Mountains
Burfoot Park (county park in Olympia)
San Juan Islands
Out sailing right now; it's gorgeous outside.

I don't have time to tag anybody right now; I shouldn't even have written this today, but I did. It's fun playing, though.

I'll come back with a real update later. I haven't been here in way too long. 'Bye!


Mimi said...

Had I known that all I had to do to see an update was to tag you...


Good to see you!

Catherine said...

MMMMMMMM Thai food....One of my favorites...We must go out for Thai the next time your here, or I'm there. Damn. Now I'm hungry!