Friday, June 18, 2010

This description would not fit me.

"I have veins you could hit with a harpoon from a door three blocks down."

Oh, wow, are the next several months going to be fun. More of the details as I know them; I won't have the consultation/be admitted until closer to the July 4 weekend.  The hospital (Kaiser Riverside) is sending me a packet so I'll understand a bit better, as well.

Fly down to Riverside. Meet doctor, ask questions. Have everything explained to me. Be admitted that night, for close to a week. Fly home for two weeks. Back south for one. Home for three, back for one.  Evaluate whether and how my body is responding to treatment.  Keep at it, or try something else.

The rug has been slipping out from under me since April 25, 2008.  But until three days ago, I at least had the illusion of threads.

I have to believe in this, or at least hope.  The nurse who runs the program said that the most admissions they've ever done is ten.  That was seven years ago, and the person is still alive.


Lisa Fox said...

Thanks for the update, Kirstin. It does sounds like a grueling process.
Prayers continuing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Corporate Angel Network can help out with the air travel...

Kirstin said...

Thank you Lisa.

Anonymous, Kaiser actually pays for that. I just need some angels to fly with me. (Kaiser doesn't want me to be alone. Ever.)

Lisa Fox said...

Kaiser doesn't want me to be alone. Ever.

What do you mean? I'll confess I have the luxury of knowing very little about cancer treatments.

TBTG about coverage for all that air travel! Like Anonymous, I was wondering how any not-wealthy person could possibly afford it.

Kirstin said...

I made it sound stalker-y; it isn't. They want to make sure I'm accompanied in the hotel and on the plane, so I don't have a medical crisis unsupervised.

As much as I complain about my health coverage, I'm unbelievably glad that I have it. My doctors are really, really on it. I'm getting good care.

Lisa Fox said...

No, no. I didn't hear it as "stalker-y." I figured it was for medical reasons, but wasn't quite sure what that meant.

Yes, thank God for health coverage. ... And pray God that everyone can have it, sooner than later. [Get with it, Obama!]

Caminante said...

May you have a spiritual 'body guard' as you fly and go through the next steps.