Wednesday, June 16, 2010

and here's the e-mail I just sent out...

Dear all,

It isn't real to me yet; the friends I've told are stunned, and I don't even feel it. It's still a scientific puzzle.

My doctor called with my PET scan results. He was sure it would be clean; I look and feel well. I have metastases to my lungs, bones, and "several other places." Apparently they're small enough and diffuse enough so that they're not in my way yet; I can breathe as always, and I haven't had any fractures. They suspect that it spread through my bloodstream.

How can you have stage IV melanoma and feel fine? I don't know. But here I am.

My oncologist in Sac is referring me to a doctor at Kaiser Riverside for treatment; he says that interleukin-2 (immunotherapy requiring multiple hospital admissions, very effective on those for whom it works) is the best thing in the current toolbox for me, and that's where it's done. I haven't talked to the doctor in Riverside yet; I thought he'd call today. I'm hoping I can do the treatments in Sacramento so my friends can visit me.

That's all I know that's even remotely definite. My doctors are as shocked as I am.

I hate what this is doing to the people who love me. It hasn't caught up with me emotionally at all.

I know I'm in your prayers. Please keep holding me there.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry this has crashed down on you, and I pray the HDIL-2 works and you're one of the group that experiences full remission. I know in my heart that angels are holding you in their wings and watching over you.

Joan Calvin said...

I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Kirstin, this is Chaela, Dick's daughter from Olympia. I read about your diagnosis and am thinking of you. Sending you strength and love and strength and love.

Jim said...

Prayers continue. Sorry that you facing this again.


Ann said...

Prayer Candles burning for you -- lean on all who pray for you when you feel shaky.

claire said...

Fran posted your blog on FB. You can count on my prayers.

susankay said...

Prayers for strength and healing

Anonymous said...

I'm another RevGal who is praying... <3