Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick update

I’m okay. I’m on spring break. Right now, I’m listening to Schoolhouse Rock on YouTube. I haven’t taken a shower yet, and I have some errands to run when I do. We need yogurt and cheese, and I need a sleeve for my new laptop.

Yes, I have a new computer to play with. Mine finally, permanently died. (There is no resurrection for the motherboard.) I got a new, lower-end HP, two days ago. Not super-snazzy, but it seems to be a workhorse. I like that about it. And I’m still learning my way around Vista.

Cherry-blossom rolls are the food of the gods. And I, again, am covered in cat fur.

I have some thoughts that sort of amble back to the Lenten theme, but am tapping this out as fast as I can right now. Will get to that, when I want to take the time.

I also have a pile of reading, that I need to get to sometime this week. Some for school (Dorothee Solle and field ed books) and some for me (hi, Jane). I also need to update my resume, for the first time in forever.

I found out on Sunday that I’m preaching on the street for the first time, the Sunday after Easter. Ten days later, I’m doing that for the last time, in the CDSP chapel.

I’m really excited about this—and I have no idea how I’ll do it. So if anybody has good tips for preaching outside, where manuscripts don’t work, and sirens go by, I’ll take them. :-)


it's margaret said...

preaching on the street? --slam poetry girl.

and glad you are geeked up now, and running anew.

your verification was the best EVER.

I hope you have a fruitful week.

Kirstin said...

Slam poetry! Yes! :-)

Laura Toepfer said...

So tell me three a magic number, or what

word verification: somuff--a muffler you wear when preaching outdoors south of Market. It was a sign from God, I tell you.

Kirstin said...

[huge grin]