Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Night Ministry

I walked around with the Night Minister last night. Had a great time. It was quiet (Tuesday), so he mostly oriented me to the Night Ministry, and to the neighborhood, and told me stories. We met a few people.

I felt safe. He's big. If I ever want to walk alone, I'll be allowed to, but not in the Tenderloin. They go out in other neighborhoods too.

I love the idea of being the presence of the church at night. It felt right to me. The only thing that really scares me is the crisis line--and I'll be trained before I'm on my own there.

So, a good beginning!


Mimi said...

I love the calmness and peacefulness of this post, but I'm very glad that you weren't walking alone through the Tenderloin.

Hey, do I still have your correct mailing addy?

Apostle In Exile said...

I'm so glad it went well! (And crisis line is no big deal. If I could run one when I was 17, you can certainly staff one now!)

it's margaret said...

Oh Kirstin --God be with you! --and not only will you bring the church to the streets --but I put $$$ on it that you will meet Jesus there too!

Kirstin said...

Mimi, if you have a Berkeley address for me, it's right. :-)


Margaret, I can feel your enthusiasm from here. I'm grinning all over again. :-)

Mimi said...

Awesome! Thanks.

Jane R said...

A wonderful ministry! Is it the same guy who has been there for years? Very impressive person, in an unassuming way. So glad you are doing this and looking forward to your ongoing reports, as you feel moved (and if you're not too tired... don't feel obliged). Blessings!