Thursday, September 27, 2007

My feet are filthy again

Just came back from two days at the Ranch; I helped staff clergy conference. That's still happening, until tomorrow afternoon--but I have class in the morning. I came back late this afternoon so I could study. Guess how well that's going?

One of my classmates calls the Ranch his cathedral. It is for me, also. Imagine how odd it is, to be in your holy place... doing Systematic Theology homework. I was sitting at a picnic table outside, studying, and one of the priests I worked with last summer (she's fantastic) came by and commiserated with me. A friend who graduated two years ago said it appealed to him. Different strokes, clearly.

I didn't get to go hiking; I was busy and it was really hot. But I still got to be there. I love that place, and those people, so much. Even though I was either working hard at being Ranch staff or studying, and didn't get to just catch my breath much, there's a peace about the place that is deeply healing.

The gathering was big, noisy--and strikingly friendly and open. I caught up with a few friends whom I hadn't seen since they graduated (a year, or two, ago). One of the recently retired priests from St. Gregory's brought me greetings from Olympia, via Honolulu. (We have a mutual friend in Oly; they bumped into each other at some art thing in Hawaii.) I met some neat people, too, over Social Hour when I was supposed to be something like a barmaid. They're new to me, but we run in similar circles, and it was good to get to talk with them. The work they're doing incorporates what I want, and in some cases have been tapped, to do. I'm excited about all of it.

Have to get back to Systematics, though. My sunburned scalp, dirty feet, and I have a quiz tomorrow. I'll be back up there again over Reading Week, in late October.

In other news, MadPriest linked to me! I'm a big kid now.

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Mimi said...

So glad your feet are filthy again :)