Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another way of being home

I took a slightly ill-advised day off today, considering I'm preaching next Tuesday and have piles of regular homework, and did early birthday stuff with family-friends. (I asked them for family time; they're giving it.) They picked me up and we went out for breakfast, then to IKEA to get bookshelves for me. Out again for lunch, then we shopped for dinner stuff and went back to their house to make it. We baked communion bread for church. Their other friend came by and we all had focaccia, salad, and some sort of fish-chowder concoction; dear God it was good.

Taking me back to school, we were talking about driving through Olympia. They have relations north of there; they know the roads. I didn't make it up this summer, and I should have. I don't know when I will, as I'll be at the Ranch during Reading Week, NOLA in January, and I haven't planned spring break yet. I won't drive my rattletrap stick-shift minivan over the Siskiyous in December. I said to them, "You wouldn't let me."

Clearly, they couldn't stop me. They wouldn't try to guilt me out of it; they wouldn't feel angry with me if I went. I know they'd worry, though. They care about me in this sweetly protective way. I tease them, but I love it. I haven't had that in a really long time.

I'm blessed in so many ways right now--and blessed again, to know it.


eileen said...


Birthday is coming!

An early celebration is a great thing.

Glad your family was there for you. It's always good to have folks who care about you surrounding you.

Pisco Sours said...

Happy birthday early!!!!!

Kirstin said...

Thanks, guys! My real birthday's Sunday.