Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update from Philadelphia

I'm at a preaching conference at Villanova this week.  I'm busy, jetlagged, and having a mostly great time.
I'm meeting some neat people, whom I know I'll stay in touch with.  Hearing some fabulous sermons, and learning some tricks of the trade.  We had a lecture tonight on using Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory in our preaching.  I wish I could have taken notes on the demonstrations--but I think I absorbed them.  A lot of this stuff is intuitive, but I would never have verbalized it on my own.  Once you see it, it really makes sense.
I'm struggling with the feedback I got from my sermon today.  I told a story I know well and am passionate about--but I added metaphorical language and such that I don't normally speak in.  Condensed, what I heard back was, "You're a wonderful writer--but this was a written piece."  It's really frustrating.  I need to figure out how to bring my voice outside of myself.
Have to write another one for Thursday--but we also get most of tomorrow off, and I really want to go touristing.  I'll try to go in the early afternoon and get back here with some semblance of energy.
Still tired, and scribbling quickly--I just got invited to a sangria party upstairs.  I normally write much more thoughtfully, but not tonight.

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Eileen said...

You're in Philly!

I'm only an hour or so away!

Too bad I can't take some time off to meet you somewhere!