Saturday, June 09, 2007

Color quiz, idea of home, and driven-ness

Stolen from Deb; and oddly enough, it's accurate.

One of the questions asks, "Which body of water are you?" I chose ocean, because bay/sound wasn't one of the options. I grew up with my feet in Puget Sound and mountains all around me, and that's what I ache for when I miss home.

"Home" has lots of meanings for me, as noted in the comments two posts down, about arriving at the Bishop's Ranch. The Northwest is home on a cellular level. I'm coming to know and love the SF Bay Area; I realized I was home here when I saw it from the plane yesterday, and felt a deep, peaceful relief. (That may have had something to do with two hours on the tarmac in Philly, and five and a half in the actual air.) My school community changes every year, but it's where I live most of the time, and where my work and friends are. My church was home the first week I went there. I love the Ranch, asked to be here, and am living and working here; that makes it home as well. Certain friends' houses are home; I've carried a key to a house in Olympia for ten years now, and to the Apostle in Exile's house for two.

I'm socially at home pretty much anywhere I am. My friend was right; that ability is a gift. (I also called her house last week, needing a place to crash the night before I flew to Philadelphia. I knew they'd give it to me.)

These quiz results say I'm "driven." I'm not like my new friends at Yale (and probably General as well); I do academics because I need them for the life I'm headed toward, not for their own sake. My favorite classes--other than Ethics, which I loved as much for the faculty as the material--give practical knowledge about how to actually use what we're learning. I have not been the student I thought I would be. I procrastinate like nobody's business. But when I'm passionate about something, I do it creatively, with energy, and well.

You are Ocean Blue

You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.

You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.

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