Sunday, April 22, 2007

Summer job

Look where I get to be this summer! I'm really excited.

I met the director's daughter two years ago, at the food co-op in Olympia, when I was volunteer-cashiering and she came through my line. (She's at Evergreen; I'm an alum.) Apparently neither of us knows how we got talking, but we did. I was on my way to CDSP. She told me to write to her dad for a job, when I got to California. I didn't do it last year, because I was missing the Northwest. I ended up interning at a parish in Seattle, and I had a great time there. But then I went to the Ranch with my parish last October, and saw how beautiful it is. I spent yesterday and Friday walking in the rain and talking with the people who run the place, and got an e-mail this morning inviting me to work there.

I don't know anything about dates or compensation or actual tasks yet, but I'm thrilled about this. It's wonderful when the things you want, want you.


Mimi said...

Oooooh! Awesome!

Eileen said...

Hooray! Sounds like a great thing!

LutheranChik said...

That looks like a great the ELCA's Holden Village.

Kirstin said...

Thanks all! I'm thrilled about it.

LutheranChik--I'm from WA, but I've never been to Holden. My friend Kim used to live there. She's a Biblical languages scholar who doesn't believe in God anymore--but she absolutely raves about that place. Maybe someday I'll get to go.