Thursday, April 26, 2007

RGBP Friday Five (on Thursday night)

I never play this anymore. This week, I don't have to think about the answers. So...

What are you:

1. Wearing
PJ pants and a purple T-shirt

2. Pondering
How I'm going to get through the next three weeks

3. Reading
Dear God, don't ask

4. Dreaming
Of running around the Ranch this summer

5. Eating
Had chicken, potatoes, asparagus, and chocolate cake for dinner



Apostle In Exile said...

1. Wearing: A very poor excuse for a cheap sneaker--with slippery soles instead of rubber, made of something that resembles felt and unravels at a moment's notice. I'll leave it to you to imagine the rest of the ensemble.

2. Pondering: Yeah, contemplating surviving the next 3 weeks sounds about right.

3. Reading: A pretty bad science fiction novel alternating with chapters of a text on short-term spiritual direction.

4. Dreaming: Of the raspberry-chocolate brownie I'm going to have before I go to bed.

5. Eating: Cat fur, of course. In this household, what else?

Presbyterian Gal said...

The Ranch looks like a very cool place. How nice.

Having chocolate cake Fri. p.m. for my mom's birthday.

Sally said...

mmmm... chocolate cake...
and the Ranch looks wonderful...
Prayers for the next three weeks- I know what that's like.

juniper68 said...

hey kirstin - just realized you "fell off" my blog reader for some reason, so I havent checked in for a while - but you've been posting after all! hope all's well in your neck of the woods.

Kirstin said...

J--good to see you! I may go north for a week in July; I don't know yet.

Iris said...

The ranch does look great!

Hedwyg said...

Mmmm... that dinner sounds wonderful! I may have to cook tonight!

Have a great weekend!

mompriest said...

Oh yum...what a delicious play!

Sally said...

good play- and good to meet you- welcome to RGBP!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to RGBP!