Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Blah," said Toad.

What I've accomplished today: Got out of bed, fed myself breakfast and lunch, and brought in four boxes from the car. I'm exhausted, sore, and don't feel like moving. I need to transplant the nasturtiums I brought here, which are dying a slow death from light starvation. I have to want to wash yesterday's dishes. And I need to edit and post World in Prayer, since it came in my in-box and we were up later than we meant to be last night. The Apostle in Exile has a day job. I don't. She slept less than I did; apparently the cats kept her overly toasty. (I sleep quite comfortably on the living room couch.) But here I am, too brain-dead to play with someone else's writing, too tired and sore to move.

What's become of me? I drove back to Berkeley yesterday, to go to an appointment that was rescheduled from last week and to finish packing my room. The drive normally takes an hour and a half; two hours in traffic. I left the Apostle's house at 9:30, and dragged into Berkeley at 2. On the way, I got a flat tire, on the freeway. BANG! I didn't panic; I was relieved to have my cell phone with me. But I couldn't un-stick my jack enough to get the spare out from under the car, and while I have had a tire-changing lesson, it was more than ten years ago. I called 911 and had a tow truck help me. I really don't like doing the incompetent-girl thing. Alas. I am now no longer a Wal-Mart virgin, either, since the tow-truck driver told me how to get to their tire shop, a few miles down the road in Tracy. I had to wait an hour there, so I found a non-enormous-chain lunch place (Filipino) while they gave me a new tire. Then I was on my way again.

Needless to say, I missed my appointment. Oh well. I went down to Brewed Awakening and got a peach smoothie to pack by. Everything takes longer than you think it will, and I was a dirty sweaty mess at 5 when some friends from St. Aidan's came to take me out for Chinese. I found a clean shirt, and went with them. We stopped at Saul's for macaroons on the way back. I'd told them after spring break that I needed new images. One is making me a quilt from her stash pile, in purples, blues, and greens, just the size to nap in. The front is finished, so she brought it to show me. It's beautiful, and I'll have it in September.

I didn't finish packing my car until 9. Dropped the keys with my friend Vik (whom the Apostle calls my "Berkeley mom," because he once wiped my face with his napkin) and went on my way. Fortunately, I had no more mishaps. Got home at 10:30, a bit sunburned but not too much the worse for wear. The Apostle and I hung out and had ice cream. A good ending to a difficult day.

Now, I have to get off the couch and get something else done. We're going to the DioCal ordinations Saturday, and will play in the city all day after that. I'm leaving Sunday, likely via the redwoods but it depends on time. I probably won't write again until I'm in Seattle, next week.

Peace to all.

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