Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Orcinus orca

I saw this in the paper this morning: Sound's orcas put on endangered list

On one hand, it's about damn time. We've known for years that the populations are declining. I know there is hope in protecting the orcas--hence Puget Sound--under the Endangered Species Act. Still, I feel like crying, now it's happened.

In 1986, I was a CIT at a Girl Scout camp on Hood Canal. Two orcas had gotten lost from their pod that summer. My friend Kris was in a windsurfing unit. She was out on her board one day, and guess who bumped up under her? It scared her to death--but she will never forget it.

We've got to realize that dominion doesn't mean domination. I want to go home, get my feet wet in the Sound, and... do something really enormous. Walk all the way to Washington, DC. Sit outside the offices of every major industrial polluter in Seattle. Write a liturgy for creatures swimming 740 miles from where I am right now--and do it in the National Cathedral.

Realistically, what I will do is write a letter. If enough of us speak up, the people who enforce these laws will know that we're watching. Join me?

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LutheranChik said...

It frustrates me, sometimes, how important issues like caring for the environment tend to "trend" -- the general public gets all excited about it for awhile, then gets bored and wanders off to find another Cause Du Jour. I don't understand that mentality.

BTW...welcome to the webring!:-)

Lorna said...

welcome to the RevGals ring
or was it Hi and Howdy :)

looking forward to reading more.

orcas are lovely and it's good - in one way - that they are on the endagered list because it gives them - and us - a slim chance.

Mimi said...

The amount of crap (that's the offical medical term, you know?) in their systems - hormones, plastics, fire retardants, etc is just stunning.

I agree, about time and hopefully people do something about it.

Catherine said...

I AM WITH YOU! You know how much I love orcas and want to protect them.