Monday, November 01, 2010

Cancer update--prayer and physical support request

Dear all,

Happy All Saints’ Day! It’s November, and I feel physically fine.

I have my next PET scan next Sunday afternoon, November 7. Sometime that week, I’ll find out what the results are, and what the next step will be. Here’s the breakdown, as my doctor in Riverside last explained it:

• If the tumors are stable, we stop treatment because it’s done what it can do.
• If they’re shrinking, biochemo’s working and we give me more sessions of it.
• If they’re growing, we move me up to IL-2. Likely shorter sessions, but the same frequency.

My next appointment south is November 15. I’ll either be in treatment that week, or we can do the consultation by phone and I won’t have to go there. If I go, I’ll be home on the 21st.

I’m sick for two weeks every month. When that wears off, I feel as well as anyone. I eat less, but I can walk and breathe. I feel like myself; my core energy is back. Which makes showing up at church and getting as much love and attention as I do feel both very wonderful and very weird. I love all the hugs I get. But when I’m well enough to be there, I can’t wait to get my life back and I feel like I almost could. How am I? Up and around, by God. Alive.

Honestly, when you don’t see me is when I most need you. If you think of it, e-mail and say hi. Because I always do stop throwing up; I always do get up and out of the house about a week after I get home. But when I’m sick and exhausted and nauseous—again—I don’t feel like I’m ever going to have control of my own life, or time.

I’ve been through five chemo sessions. I know I can endure it. I know how good resurrection feels. And there’s no question that being alive is worth much more than this. But everything it means to your day-to-day life when you’re being treated for cancer... you have to have been here, or be close to someone who has, to really understand. It’s like climbing the same mountain over and over, and each time the mountain is steeper.

I want my own time back. I was told two sessions ago that I’d be done after my most recent one. Then my doctor said no, it depends on your next scan, not the last one. I honestly don’t know what he’s going to say next. He’s been doing this for ten years; they know their protocols. I don’t know what’s up with this, but I do know it keeps happening. I get that my life is on hold while I’m fighting cancer. But they forget that they’re dealing with actual people, with friends and families and communities, and logistics they need to be able to count on to plan for. The rug under me keeps shifting. I feel like I don’t control anything. It gets really frustrating.

If you’ve gotten this far: We need more people to come to Riverside with me. I hate to be this blunt—I loathe the position it puts me in, even to ask—but my life depends on it. They won’t admit me if I don’t have a companion. My roommate Andee has exhausted her vacation time. I need someone to fly down and back with me, and be in the hospital with me while I’m there and awake. I need emotional and physical support. And even if I didn’t, they wouldn’t treat me if I went on my own. You are helping save a life, if you go.

Kaiser pays for lodging and travel expenses from Northern California. (If you’re not in Northern California, but would otherwise be available, don’t rule yourself out. A friend who has lots of frequent flier miles has put them at my disposal.)

We have November covered, but a back-up is never a bad thing, and we need more people in the traveling circle. If you can do this, anywhere between two weeks from now and possibly late spring, let me know in the comments (or e-mail me through my profile) and I'll give Andee your contact info. She can tell you what it’s like to accompany me; she’s come with me three of the five times I’ve gone. She can tell you what it involves, and what I’m asking of you. I can’t really, because I’m drugged and loopy the whole time. I remember very little, after a session is over. She also coordinates all of the travel arrangements. I need to stay out of coordinating who goes with me; it triggers too much fear and anxiety for me. My inner kid has enough to contend with, and that’s what I need to learn to take care of.

If you’re part of a church, prayer chain, or organization of other people who know me, please publicize this request. I need people to accompany me; this may go on for months, or the cancer may at some point soon become stable enough for me to stop treatment until if and when it resumes growing. If it does, at that point, I would again need companions for treatment. Not having to worry about finding someone to come with me each time would make life easier on me, and on those closest to me.

If you can come with me, come with me. If you can’t, pray and let me know that you’re praying. Thank you.

Love to all.



Audi Mama said...

How long is a single trip, and do you have any sessions in mid-december for which you need support?

Caminante said...

Sigh... Vermont is way too far away so I am of no help other than cranking up the prayers that you can get some good companions for you on your camino. Those prayers shall come fast and furiously. xo

Ana said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the update. I've been praying, and I'll start a new 40 day cycle of healing chants tomorrow with you in mind. You keep taking deep breaths, sing when you can, and hum when you're too tired to sing.

Kirstin said...

Thank you, everyone.

Audi--a week, and most likely yes. (I won't get dates until the week of Nov. 15.) You've got young kids, though--what about leaving them?

Tammy said...

Sending prayers everyday for you and your loved ones! I will make sure a candle is lit again at CIC and I will put you on the prayer chain at St. Edwards church in Shelton. Sweet dreams!

Cathy said...

I am praying for you and though I can't physically be with you, I will be with you in mind and spirit.

Prayers surrounding you,

JCF said...

Send me the details at jcf1899 at gmail com


Mon said...

Are you familiar with alternative medicine? I went to one soft launching of a new company and the guest speaker there was an alternative medicine doctor. He introduced an alternative way in treating such by means of eating raw foods and having coffee enema. If you want i can share to you the details. Feel free to message me anytime.