Thursday, May 13, 2010

In search of a functioning car

My 17-year-old Voyager is facing major repairs, and possibly the end of its life. I am in search of leads for another car, preferably a long-term loan or outright donation to me. It doesn’t have to have been manufactured in this century; all I require is that it not threaten to strand me on the freeway. I'm equally comfortable with a stick or automatic.

I’m immersed in ministry with the homeless. I’m learning about the field, how I want to do this work, and the whole process of applying for grants to fund myself. I’m committed to this path, and am physically healthy and able again after cancer and chemo. It’s been a long road to get here.

I live about an hour from everything I do. I make that drive several times a week. I do have friends I occasionally stay with, but right now it's difficult to get there. I’m planning to move closer when I’m economically ready. (I'd take the bus, but different counties have different systems, and they don't connect.)

If you live in Northern California (or farther away and you'd like to visit), might you know of anyone who isn’t driving anymore, or who has a car they’re not using? Do you know of anything (very) cheap and reliable?

Thank you for anything you can think of!


it's margaret said...

I will keep this request in my prayers.

God's abundant blessings upon all your work.

Mimi said...

It has served you well, but it does sound like it is time.

I wish I had a lead. Prayers.

Kathy said...

Oh dear. Sorry we have this in common. Aside from the practical issues, our car, which just died, had great sentimental value - bought it with my late husband - and I had hoped to drive it until at least 200,000 miles, as I did once with my first car, a Toyota Tercel.

At least we won't be competing in looking for cars in the same part of country! BTW, Maria suggested Craig's list. I never tried that and so far nothing looks appealing here, but it's one more place to try. Of course the best solution (for us both) is someone popping up whom we know (or knows someone we know) who has the perfect, well-maintained used car someone does not need or want any more.

Prayers for you and your search.