Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three, two... one.

I just did it again. And for the first time in many months, the act became a prayer.

Not in words: in presence. Not “Yeah me!” or “Suck it, cancer!” Not even, “Almost there.”

Nothing I can translate. Just reverence, patience, breath.

Friday will be all celebration. I’ll wait for my best friend to get home. I’ll do the shot with her, at her dining room table. Bang! and out to dinner. That will be the time for shouting.

Right now, I just want to quietly hallow this time.


susankay said...

I dunno -- it seems to me that it has been a prayer all the time. Perhaps a prayer that prays itself without you willing it but one that you started and which has resonated for the year.

Be well.

Eileen said...


And spanowat was my verification word..that must mean something!