Monday, May 04, 2009

Perspective on panic

I was talking with my best friend, on the phone last night. She’s going to be supporting me this summer, until I get on my feet. I told her I’m worried about looking for jobs. I’m a great starter, but my follow-through needs work.

The following exchange ensued:

A: “When it has something to do with your calling, you follow through like a bulldog.”

Me: “So I’m not called to clean out your freezer, then?” (Which I did, two or three years ago—and have been promising to repeat, since.)

A: “Not unless there’s a homeless person sleeping in there.”

I cracked up, and felt a whole lot better.


susankay said...

Actually I would say that you follow through like a kitty cat -- way more strong than a bull dog.

Bless you and those you care for.

Apostle In Exile said...

Susan, are you suggesting that Kirstin is seductive, slinky--and her ministry calling is to leave fur wherever she goes? That would make me feel that I have indeed influenced her future, since my household has been doing its best to supply her with spare cat fur for the past four years!